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Olivier Carrère, 9 rue des Sablés 65400 Aucun ( France ) tel : +33 670 048 131

Jean-Marc Pic, 6 route de Salles 65400 Sere en Lavedan ( France ) tel : +33 680 425 947

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''Jean-Marc climbs and skis as easily as he breathes! But behind this easy, relaxed appearance there is a great depth of technical skill
and an innate understanding of nature and the mountains..."  

''Olivier's eyes sparkle when he talks about exotic countries synonymous with adventure and encounters with local cultures. He prepares journeys in the same way that a wine-grower prepares his wines: a nectar to be enjoyed without moderation!''

...12 may 2006, José Ribas refuge ( 4800 m ) at the foot of Cotopaxi. This evening we are both outside, silent, watching the sunset on the Ecuador plateau under imposing volcanoes.
The play of light is magnificent!
We've seen it countless times on hundreds of different mountains and yet...
our sense of wonder is still there, just as it was on our first day...
This silent sense of fulfilment is the high point of our partnership!
A perfect understanding in the field and our complementary skills enhanced by twenty years' experience mean that we tackle mountain adventures calmly and professionally.
Olive & Picounet
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